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Perennial Technologies Pvt.Ltd Perennial logistics specializes in the challenging area of fuel logistics. Achieved a complete end- to-end asset management support system and field services optimization after implementing “Fieldomobify” (Service Management system).

Perennial logistics specializes in the challenging area of fuel logistics Assets. They facilitate a complete end- to-end fuel and Asset management support system. An absolute flawless management dedicated to this invaluable commodity is of utmost importance. Hence they have taken it upon us to provide an entire fuel and Asset management system right from procurement to delivery.

The Solution Story:

Mr. Yogesh owns an Assets and fuel Logistics Company based Pune. He has decided that with the increasing demand for his products, he needed a better assets management execution strategy for his field services.  After research and reference from a fellow entrepreneur, Yogesh decided to sign up for a trial with fieldomobify.

The first step he took was to add his Assets information details along with Customers details.

With customer details feature based on service contract - Assets are easily segregated to manage the field Services.

Mr. Yogesh then added his Assets information from ERP and assigned customers to his Assets, which allow him to be better view his Assets status.

One of his biggest concerns was getting alerts on inventory management issues. To address this, he created a Service Contract. Where he maintained the Service Contracts at respective customers and possible Contract close day.

Through using the service feature, Mr. Yogesh allowed his reps to place orders and track service real time in the field.

Mr. Yogesh is able to see his field staff location along with all orders real-time on the screen. Customer’s signature with sales order resolved issues like misplaced orders.

Mr. Yogesh was very much interested to be able understand location of his staff so that he can optimize the schedule day by day.

Mr. Yogesh is happy with improved Assets and inventory management.

Ankit Bhaskarwar 001 DG-125K-(28) 3PH
Tejas Kale 002 DG-250K-(15) 3PH
Rahul Mane 003 DG-20K-(PR 01) 3PH

Reports Generated:

  • Commissioning Report: Commissioning report shows that systems have been completed in accordance with the contract documents and that the systems are performing in accordance with the final owner’s project requirement document.
  • Service Call report: Service call report shows the status of the service, start date, end date, to which the call has been assigned to.
  • Attendance Report: Attendance report shows the location, check in and checkout time of the operator.
  • Location wise Report: Location wise Report shows the location of operators.
  • Log Book with multiple parameters (Commissioning, Diesel, reports): Log Book Report shows the asset wise logs captured everyday by field operator.
  • Customer – Site – Equipment Report: Equipment detail shows assets mapped to respective customer

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