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Fieldomobify: Customer Portal

A Customer Portal is a great way for an organization to allow its customers to log into their dedicated internal system and access restricted data. Customers, on the other hand, always wish to receive premium service along with immediate satisfaction and clear transparency when selecting a service provider. Fieldomobify’s Customer Portal offers an on-demand system for your esteemed customers to monitor their projects, services in real time. This will help you grow your customer base without the need to develop the customer support team.The Customer Portal dashboard is very easy to use as it can be set up in minutes and needs no prior technical knowledge to modify. The portal allows you to upload the company logo or banner, specify footer links, and set request questions.With just a click of a button, it has the ability to accept new work anytime. You will have an organized list of requests ready to schedule to your team round the clock even if it is outside of office hours. So try the 14 day trial of Fieldomobify’s Customer Portal absolutely free now and experience its features.

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