How It Works

Cooling Towers

Acceptance Note

Once the delivery is completed the sales officer receives the acceptance note from the customer through signature that all the orders has been received

Chilling Equipment

Payment Collection

Against each delivery the sales officer collects the payment associated with the order.


Customer Satisfaction

The customer satisfaction will be achieved through on time delivery of the product.


Customer Location

Employees need to scan a QR code of NFC sticker in the right GPS location in or


Delivery Schedule

Delivery schedule can be made at the back end that is to be notified through mobile to the delivery boy where and when the delivery of the order is to be given


Payment Schedule

Schedule of the payment collection can be made and can be notified through mobile to the delivery boy to collect the payment on time.


Route Optimization

Route optimization will help you in optimizing your route to reach your customer in time ,thus saves time and fuel cost.

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