Mr. Gautam owns a House-ware manufacturing & distribution company based Mumbai. He has decided that with the increasing demand for his product among small to medium retailers, he needed a better retail execution strategy for his field sales. After research and reference from a fellow entrepreneur, Gautam decided to sign up for a trial with PocketFSA. He has tie-ups in 60 + distributors allover India serving to 50000+ retail shops and around 120 products SKUs under various categories.

  • The first step he took was to add his customer information details along with geo location on map. With customer group feature based on map - customers are easily segregated to manage the field work.
  • Mr. Gautam then added his product information from ERP and assigned codes to his products, which allow him to be better view his product offerings.
  • One of his biggest concerns was getting alerts on Out-of-Stock issues. To address this, he created a Stock form. where he maintained the items stock at resp customer location, possible sale/day and their minimum stock requirement. With 3 consecutive visits he is able to get the trend at resp customer location.
  • Through using the Sales Order feature, Mr. Gautam allowed his reps to place orders, print bill and track sales real time in the field.
  • Mr. Gautam is able to see his field sales staff location along with all orders real-time on the screen. Customer’s signature with sales order resolved issues like misplaced orders.
  • Sales Representative is able to see his top trending retail shops for order and collection. Mr. Gautam was very much interested to be able understand location of his staff so that he can optimize the schedule day by day. Mr. Gautam is happy with improved primary & secondary sales and ease of operations for his 60+distributors

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