How It Works




Quotation of the work order can be generated and can be send through mobile to the prospects. This will enable you in monitoring the work order transaction in detail.


Work Order

Once the estimate is approved ,work order for the customer can be created with detailed information of the customer.


Service Call Report

The report of the service resolved by the field engineer can be generated in detailed i.e. it includes image of the field, acceptance by customer through signature, rating given by customer to the field engineer, etc



After the completion of service , acceptance is given through signature by the customer which can then be send to the admin for confirmation through mobile


Site Photo

One can get real time visibility by capturing the image of the service location which can then be send to the admin for confirmation through mobile.


Warranty Details

The work order of services that are recurring can be given on warranty basics where the company will provide the service and prior notification will be given , of when the warranty period is going to end


Service Schedule

Admin schedules the services that has to be resolved and assigns the job to the field engineer as per the availability and current location of the field engineer.



Invoices for the customer is generated once the service is completed .Capture the customer’s signature for the confirmation and send it to the admin


Customer’s Location

The location of the customer can be tracked through GPS.


Route Optimization

Route optimization will help you in optimizing your route to reach your customer in time ,thus saves time and fuel cost.

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