Industrial Equipment Maintenance

It is very common that machines and equipment break down any time. When it is a home appliance like a microwave or mixer-grinder etc., it may not have amajorimpact, but when machinery breaks down in a factory, power plant or at ahospital, it requires an immediate action. Mechanics and repair technicians play an imperative role in serving necessary functions in everyday life, and their skills are constantly in demand.Industrial equipment maintenance consists of maintaining and repairing factory equipment and other industrial machinery such as production machinery,conveying systems, packaging equipment, and many more type. To avoid any major impact, early detection of problems is very important that allows repairs to be made before the situation worsens. By regular inspections and analysis, it is possible to predict and prevent component failures that may formmachinery breakdowns and safety hazards.

It is imperative to have good equipment maintenance for worker safety. This equipment maintenance can be dangerous asit is regularly conducted in close contact with running machinery. As the work is non-routine and subject to human error,there is often time pressure involved. According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which is part of United States Department of Labor, states that around 4,500 workers die (i.e. 12 workers daily) on the job each year in industrial accidents in the US.As equipment maintenance is imperative, on the other hand, workers too need to take safety precautionsto avoid injuries by using protective equipment like hardhats, safety glasses, steel-toed shoes, gloves, and earplugs.

Preventive maintenance is very important to the efficiency and overall life of machinery and equipment due to which it is possible for traditional industries to operate on a big scale. It not only preserves the value of the equipment butalsoprolongs equipment life and keep operators safe ensuring the availability of the machinery at any given time.Thus, preventive equipment maintenance and overhauls can reduce the chances of machinery breakdown and thereforeminimize the risks that technicians face during onsite repairs. Accidents and mishaps in the workplace are also considerably reduced.

  • Periodic planned maintenance: Small components such as bearings, nuts and bolts as well as other componentsget easily damaged and wornover a period of time. This break down and wearing is inevitable. A regular inspection for corrosion and wear, and their replacement is very necessary. This task becomes easy if the maintenance log is maintained to ensure that regular checks are not missed. It is important to establish forecasts for the expected life of all these components and replace them on schedule. The part replacement should be done by knowledgeable technicians.
  • Frequent lubrication and cleaning: Heavy machineries and equipment in daily use require daily maintenance. Improper cleaning and lack of lubrication can lead to machinery breakdown.Components such as power trains, belts demand frequent lubrication. Few components such as bearings, hydraulic lifts etc. needs to lubricated and cleaned at the sign of need. One of the measure causes for corrosion of components is water. But if proper lubrication is done, it can prevent corrosion. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the cleaning and lubrication of machinery as frequently as needed.
  • Proper storing of equipment: Machinery and equipmentmust be stored under cover whenever possible. Mixers, motors, turbines, and other equipment must be used in rotation frequently. A periodic inspection of idle machinery must be done to avoid its rust and contamination. Lubricants must be also checked.
  • Maintaining daily records of use: Unskilled handling makes machinery and equipment wear and breakdown frequently. Monitoring daily operations and maintaining records of machinery use can help in keeping track of when and where the machinery is being used as well as its operator (skilled or unskilled).

Considering the above mentioned points will definitely make the equipment maintenance task easy and will avoid sudden breakdowns and accidents.

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